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Tracing the lineage of the 17 Clans of Pa Edun Ariyibiyi


Idobale ati ikunle lawa fun eyin baba ati iya wa.   

Epe fun wa o Amin


E Ku abo si Abule Edun which started emerging in the 18th century by the legend himself Pa Edun Ariyibiyi who married three wives namely Efunyinka, ibide, and Atorola (A ko toro wa ola) meaning we didn't beg to search for wealth.


With 17children, he carved out his own clan which quadruple over the centuries leaving a legacy of hard work, bravery, love, and faith in God almighty which he professes.

This project is meant to outline lineages to descendants of Pa Edun in a way we members can identify clans from which we originated.


Because we have envisaged it may be challenging, we continue to encourage everyone to collaborate with us in order to be able to propagate accurate information to each other.


Thanking everyone for your support and encouraging responses.

Site Guidance

This site has two main navigation axis. The Family tree page, which shows an overall visual representation of the branches of Pa Ariyibiyi's ancestory and the explore page, which traces the lineage by a matriarch. 

If you have any information that could help in building a better picture of Pa Ariyibiyi's ancestory, kindly head to the contact page to see how you can get in touch or message on the whatsapp group.


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